City's aging system causes concern at main water break

A break in a 12-inch water main line led to a few dips and bumps in the asphalt along 45th Avenue, just west of I-27.

According to city officials the main line is "probably one that has been underground for more than 50 years." Water Superintendent Bruce Walterscheid said the amount of damage that occurred Saturday morning is usual for this big of a break.

"The water is looking for a way out, so it's going to push the road up in different areas," Walterscheid said.

Walterscheid said the city is looking to replace these aging pipes overtime, but that it's expensive in that particular area. The break caused city officials to close the road west of I-27, and shut off water to businesses on the south side of 45th Avenue.

This is the second water main break within a month the city has had to replace, the first being the Civic Center water main which broke twice.

"We have to deal with the age of the infrastructure, and we do occasionally have breaks," Walterscheid said.

Workers began to dig out the main water pipe, but said the area will remain closed for the weekend.

Walterscheid said businesses' water should be working within five hours. He did not estimate the amount of damages, nor the dollars this would cost taxpayers.