Citychurch prepares for bicycle lunch delivery

Citychurch in downtown Amarillo is making it their mission to feed needy kids around the city, and they're doing it one bike ride at a time.

Citychurch Director Donnie Lane said volunteers will spend their summer days packing up to 2,400 lunch sacks to kids, mothers, and grandmothers. Each bag is filled with a fresh piece of fruit, popcorn, crackers, and cookies. They also include one hot food item, such as a taco, corn dog, or burrito. Lane said it costs $1.50 to fill a bag to feed a child.

Groups of volunteers pass out the sack lunches by van, or by bicycle, to help hungry kids in the Panhandle. C

itychurch said they don't receive any government funding for their efforts, but instead rely on generous donations from residents.

"When you roll in on a bicycle, it puts you in a position of humility to begin with," said Lane. "I
t just seems like it's a better way to work the neighborhood and to build those relationships."

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