City to improve drainage around Martin Road Lake

The City of Amarillo has agreed to pay Alan Plummer Associates $246,000 to evaluate the drainage situation around Martin Road Lake.ã??

The Lake has flooded in the past although not recently. There are 2,000 acres that are in danger of flood damage if a large enough rain overpowers the drainage at the Lake. Mark Read, the Cityâ??s Engineer says the city doesnâ??t have the time to spend researching the system and thatâ??s why they hired a private company to do it.ã??

He said, "These guys are experts. They do this type of study all the time. Thatâ??s why we use them to come in to do a study. Theyâ??re much more efficient and have the resources available and are expert in their field."

Lawrence Lake flooded twice in the eighties causing multi-millions in damages. City Commissioner Ellen Robertson-Green remembers and says the city wants to be proactive. "We had to call the National Guard. We had canoes going down Paramount and that cost millions of dollars and it was damaging in that area."