City starting education campaign for vehicle wireless ban

Educational campaign to begin for the public

The official ban on the use of wireless and handheld devices within the city limits is getting close and the city has plans to educate everyone on the

City officials are launching an education campaign to quell the many questions coming from the public about the ordinance that will ban the use of handheld wireless devices within the city limits while operation a vehicle.

In September the city approved the ordinance, that will go into effect 30 days after the required signs will be installed at various locations around the city and at all city limits. The city is expecting the effective date of the ordinance to be Jan. 2. Police will begin issuing warnings for 30 days before beginning issuing citations.

As part of the educational campaign the city has a FAQ on the website that explains in plain language what the ban means and the safety importance of not texting and driving. The website also includes the actual ordinance.

The educational campaign is expected to help the public understand law and the penalties for violating the ordinance. The city, also, is planning visiting with businesses, schools and other institutions to explain the law and penalties.

The city is inviting comments about the educational effort by visiting with the City Commission in the next meeting. The next meeting is to take place in the Commission Chambers of City Hall on Dec. 4 at 5:30 p.m.