City removes new logo from website

It's something an ethical graphic designer tries to avoid his entire career...plagiarism. That word surrounded the city of Amarillo's new logo since it was released.

Now you see it, now you don't. The city's removed its new logo after controversy spread that it resembled that of a company from Dubai, called EMAAR.

Thomas Clemmons is a local graphic designer and has been for 15 years. He said he's done his share of logos and although he never took a course in college strictly about plagiarism, he knows it's a thin line.

"It's very easy for two different people in two different parts of the world to come up with very similar designs without ever knowing each other exists," Clemmons said.

He also said something as important as the city logo should have been double, even triple checked.

"The supervisor above the graphic designer that's overseeing what they're doing, they're probably not dealing with a copyright or trade marking, but before you release it to the public, that should have all been done," he said.

General Manager of the Amarillo Sox, Mark Lee, had a similar case four years ago.

"The guy who created mine, a very talented man, Russ Johnson, I told him I wanted an old time look and I wanted to use a baseball," Lee said.

According to Lee, multiple teams in the MLB use the baseball as their logo, and said people are going to talk just to create controversy.

"People spoke up, said we were copying the Twins," he said. "We never heard a word from the Twins. MLB, we actually contacted, sent them our logo. they were fine with it."

The Sox may be in the clear, but what about the city?

"If you lay them on top of each other and they line up almost identically, it's impossible to do that without seeing the source material," Clemmons said.