City of Hereford breaks ground for SportsPlex

The City of Hereford has come together to build the Hereford Regional SportsPlex.

The facility will be run by Kids Inc., and will have an indoor soccer field.

They are less than $300,000 short of their goal of $2.3 million. All of the money has been raised through private donations.

"So many people here are generous. They have money, they give money. They are giving back to the community," said Rick Hanna, Hereford city manager.

The city sold the land to the Hereford Economic Corporation. They donated the land to build the facility.

The planning started about 18 months ago.

"This came originally from a group of employees at Cavines Packaging Company," said Bob Josserand, Hereford mayor. "[They] said, 'guys, we need this and we need this type of entertainment.'"

The city emphasized that this facility is a regional complex. This will benefit the economy of Hereford and serve as a place for nearby towns to enjoy as well.

"I'm very proud of the community to come up and pay for this entirely with private funds," Josserand said.

The Hereford Regional SportsPlex is expected to be complete in the next six to nine months.