City of Fritch asks residents to limit water usage as water system is strained

The City of Fritch is asking folks to limit water usage after determining the hot temperatures are putting a strain on the system. (File photo)

The City of Fritch said Friday there is no break in its main water supply line but the water system is having trouble keeping up with demand.

The City was asking folks earlier Friday to help find a possible break in the line after Public Works department believed there was one but couldn't find it.

With help in the search from the police and fire department, no leak large enough to cause the city's water storage to be significantly reduced was found.

The City determined the hot temperatures are putting a strain on the water well. Therefore, the City is asking residents to limit water usage to only necessities.

According to a Facebook post, city officials are working to expedite the process of getting two more wells working for the City. The current scheduled date for getting those online is June 26.

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