City of Fritch coping with troubles

City of Fritch officials say they expect the broken well to be online Friday night, but the boil water notice may not be lifted until early next week.

The City is suffering through tough times.

Following a downgrade of their credit rating after missing a payment on a bond, it appears theyâ??ll miss another payment.

Interim City Manager John Horst says, "Iâ??m not making any promises when we can pay this debt because I donâ??t know. We are struggling. Local vendors and payroll are our primary concern right now."

Theyâ??re operating in the red.

Horst says, "At the end of September we will be about $900,000 but that includes long-term debt payments and regular accounts payable.

And now a water pump, which was supposed to be fixed is broken again.

Interim Public Works Director Cody Benge says, "Everything in the well now is new. Itâ??s all newâ?¦I hope we can lift the boil water notice by Monday or Tuesday. I hope. Depending on the samples."

Meanwhile the Texas Rangers are conducting a criminal investigation over suspected pas financial improprieties.

But Gene McCallieâ??s handing out free bottled water at the fire department to folks who are affected by the boil water notice, many of whom are far from happy about the situation.