City of Dumas encourages residents to be wise with water

AgriLife Extension of Moore County hosted their first Water Wise Living Conference Monday evening to educate people on how to conserve water.

"We've been very fortunate and everybody's been able to turn on their faucet and have water," said Marcel Fischbacher, AgriLife Extension agriculture and natural resources agent in Moore County. "But how can we use less water and put less pressure on our system, make that system last more and more years?"

According to AgriLIFE Extension, Texas uses 8 to 9 billion gallons of water a day state-wide. But only 4 to 5 billion gallons are going back into the area.

We want people to think about their water resources before it's a bigger problem, said Fischbacher.

Rain water harvesting is just one of the many ways that people can collect and use water. Another way people can preserve water is by monitoring the water use on their lawns. According to Rick Stevens, president of Texas Panhandle Irrigation Association from Sunray, there are lawn sprinklers systems that can tie into the satellite and will automatically adjust the sprinkler depending on how much rain the area already received.

"Some of the new technologies will allow people to use 20, 30, 40 percent less water," said Fischbacher. "That's what we'd like people to do is think about that."

According to Stevens, some more ways to save water that can be applied inside of the home include:

-Turning off the water while brushing your teeth

-Taking a shower instead of a bath

-Turning off the water while lathering during a shower

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