City of Canyon looks at texting ban


No action was taken on the proposed texting while driving ban Monday night during the meeting.

Canyon City Manager, Randy Criswell told Pronews 7 commissioners did discuss investigating and researching regulations that address "distracted driving" in general, not just cell phone use. Criswell said that commissioners will discuss those findings during meetings in the coming weeks.



any of us are guilty of texting
and driving.

"Yes, occasionally I do. I try not to though--but sometimes it does happen," said WTAMU student, Jantson Mcaffery.


onight the
Canyon City Commission will meet to discuss a possible ban on that behavior.



just felt like, and my chief of police felt like, it was at least something we needed to talk about

," said Randy Criswell, the Canyon city manager

"I think anybody who says they can text safely while driving is fooling themselves."


riswell says his goal is not to
infringe on people's rights, it is about keeping people safe.



don't know if our city commission will be interested in pursuing it further or if they'll want us to prepare something



Criswell said.


Welch, the mayor pro-tem, says he is interested in hearing anything that will keep the people of Canyon safe. Though he admits it will be hard to enforce.