City of Canyon bolstering water supply with land purchase

The city of Canyon has bolstered its water supply after purchasing more than 175 acres of nearby land.

A more secure water supply for the future is what Canyon officials are looking toward for the city.

An approximately 175-acre portion of land is the newest addition to the city's owned property and the landâ??s water rights. The add-on is projected to produce hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per day when tapped into.

â??Our goal would be to have enough water rights that nobody would have to worry about water rights for many years,â?? said City Manager Randy Criswell. "For this particular purchase, I'd probably use the term 'reserve purchase'. We don't need to develop it right now. We have all we need for day to day use."

The drought-like weather in the panhandle is what has city officials concerned, though. That's why this 540,000 dollar purchase was so important for the city's water supply.

"We did some test hole drilling on the property prior to the purchase and thought that after the results of the soil and rock analysis, it would greatly benefit us," said Director of Public Works, Dan Reese.

"I just hope the citizens of Canyon know we're taking care of them. That weâ??re watching out for them, providing for the future, and we will always do that," said Criswell.

The purchased land is located north of Canyon near Rockwell and Georgia Streets. There haven't been any wells built on the land yet, but Reese said there will be two built when they needs to tap into that water supply.