City of Amarillo urges residents to conserve water

With 75,000 drops of water in a gallon, wasting even one drop can add up.

That's why the City of Amarillo is urging residents to conserve water through their 2013 Every Drop Counts campaign.

"On a year-round basis, the annual average day is about 43 to 45 million gallons per day. In the summer time we'll be averaging in the 60s," said City of Amarillo Director of Utilities Emmett Autrey. "Right now our goal for the month of June is an average 61 million gallons per day."

A large portion of water use in the summer months is due to watering lawns and plants .

"Two-thirds of the water we use in the city in the summer go to water our lawns and so that's the first place that we ask people to conserve water," said Amarillo City Commissioner Ellen Robertson Green.

With Every Drop Counts, the city of Amarillo provides tips to help residents do their best to conserve water.

"Water 2


maybe 3


times a week and you should always water early in the morning or late at night

. Never water midday," said Green.

Water can also be conserved in the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas of the home.
"Turn off the water in the bathroom while you're brushing your teeth. We ask people to use dishwater over again, and to not run water while you're washing dishes," said Green.

With almost 200 years of water saved up, city leaders want to remind residents that it's no excuse for wasted water.

"Our capacity is about 105 million gallons per day

," said Autrey.


So we have capacity but we don't want to waste that capacit