City of Amarillo begins long-range Loop talks

The Metropolitan Planning Organization has begun preliminary meetings to start looking at a long range plan for Loop 335.ã??

This comes amid an effort with TXDot to construct a freeway on Hollywood Road between I-27 and Washington. The freeway will have overpasses and 4-lanes and frontage roads. The City says it should help alleviate the traffic that is building up there from Randall High, Trinity Fellowship and the Randall County Sheriffâ??s Department.ã??

Paul Braun, spokesman for TXDot says "the mobility is going to be a lot better in those areas because weâ??re taking out the stoplights at three intersections and putting in overpasses.ã??

Gary Holwick says the new Loop task force will hopefully "give some future insight into what the loop may consist of 20, 25 years from now."ã??

The City hopes to use the southeast freeway model as a template for the rest of the loop. There are also a number of projects ahead for I-40 along Coulter, Soncy and Helium to help stop congestion.