City of Amarillo abandons new logo

Just weeks after the city revealed a new logo to mark the centennial, the City of Amarillo has decided to stop using the recently adopted logo and go in "another direction".

The decision comes after questions about the logo's originality surfaced shortly after the city revealed the logo. Initially the city chose to remove the logo and reach out to EMAAR, a company in Dubai, for permission to use the logo.

In an email to EMAAR representatives, City Manager, Marcus Norris stated that the logo was similar but also distinctive is several way and cited these differences.

"Our respective marks: As shown on your webpage ( {<}{>})

your mark uses a formal dark grey motif, while Amarillo uses a more informal multi-color format.

Our slogan: As you may see, the presence of our slogan on the logo also distinguishes it from your logo.

Our respective business: Emaar is a global leader in lifestyle destination developments, while Amarillo is a small municipality.

Our respective area of influence: Emarr's area of esteemed influence is across major cities of the globe while Amarillo is a more humble size in northern Texas, U.S.A."

After asking for permission, EMAAR responded indicating that they would review the city's request to use the logo and that their logo is a registered trademark in the United States.

However while waiting for their request to be processed, the city decided to abandon the effort and withdrew their request. At this time the city has joined in a contest to find a new city logo.