City meeting heats up after Sanford city secretary defends her position

Sanford Mayor Bernard Pacheco (left) and City Secretary Juli McIntire (right) disagree about McIntire's whereabouts the past few weeks.

T he City of S anford is in disarray after City Secretary Juli McIntire interrupted a special meeting and began to argue with the mayor.

Mayor Bernard Pacheco scheduled the meeting to discuss the vacancy of the city secretary position, and possibly appoint a new person. According to Pacheco, McIntire cleared-out her office and hasn't heard from her in weeks.

McIntire said, she's been on vacation and she never put in her resignation. She said, she cleared out her office because of ongoing heating issues. Council members said, unlike Pacheco, they were aware McIntire was on vacation.

M c I ntire submitted a letter to council members stating she wouldn't attend the meeting, but she did in order to defend her position .

After minutes of continued arguing, t he sheriff's department was called and McIntire was asked to leave before the city could come to a conclusion.

We'll continue to bring you updates on this developing story.