City Hall in Canyon looking to expand

The City Complex in Canyon was built in 1975, but over the years more city employees have been hired, space has been needed, and now itâ??s run out.

About a year ago the City of Canyon contracted with Lavin Architects to study the space they have and the space theyâ??re likely to need in the next 20 years.

John Jenkins, a Lavin architect said, "Canyonâ??s operating in about 29,000 square feet and their needs are at 59,000. Theyâ??ve run out of expansion space and are practically sitting on top of each other.

The City business office and code enforcement shares space with the municipal court and the police department.

The volunteer fire department is also on board.

That may be fine for a smaller city, but Canyon has seen rapid growth in the past five years.

The City prides itself on operating on a minimum budget, but continued growth will strain that.

Currently there are 140 full and part-time employees.

City Manager Randy Criswell said, "Thatâ??s what itâ??s really about is providing services to people and taking care of our citizens. So I can see, if Canyon grew to 20,000 people, I can very easily see us going from 75 full time employees to 100 full time employees."

After Phase One, Phase Two will look into options, such as building new structures or leasing other ones, such as the unused Randall County Courthouse.

Whatever is ultimately chosen, Criswell said there would have to be debt issued.