City Council: Damages to exceed $250,000

Civic Center General Manager said all events from now until July 9 will be relocated.

A $250,000 deductible plus the damages that occurred from Wednesday's flooding at the Amarillo Civic Center will now be the city's responsibility.

Friday's damages will be put on an insurance claim.

The item was taken off Tuesday's City Council agenda because there are no conclusive costs of damages from the two floods. Most of the water and mud have been removed from the facility, and crews are now waiting for it to dry before making further repairs.

"A $250,000 deductible is what we will pay, and the insurance has agreed to pay the rest," City Council Member Ellen Robertson-Green said.

The oldest part of the 1968 facility has been completely damaged after going through two water-main breaks. Green said the facility has never had any major renovations.

"Much of the auditorium is covered with water, all the flooring has been removed in the auditorium and the coliseum," Green said. "Our crews have been working 24/7 because not only is there water but there's also mud."

But according to Green probably the most concerning issue is the electrical system that is being run off portable generators because it would be too dangerous to run off city power. Council members said the insurance company is viewing the two floods as two separate incidents, and city officials said the second incident is where most of the damages took place.

"There's just a lot a lot of damages, just a lot of cleanup to be done," Green said.

The city will conduct a walk-through for the press to view the damages, Wednesday at noon.