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      City Commissioners tackle controversial cell phone ban

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      Tuesday, Pronews 7 talked about Amarillo City Commissioners discussing two very controversial issues.

      N ow seems a citywide cell phone use ban is moving forward.

      T hat may not be decided for another couple of months.

      A n ordinance is now being sent back to the traffic commission, who will in turn do more research and host two more public hearings.

      "T he ordinance that we looked at, the proposed ordinance we looked at, is for all cell phone use, the only thing that would be acceptable is hands free usage, which would outlaw not just texting, but the use of cell phones," said City Commissioner, Jim Simms.

      S imms says at its quickest, that ordinance would not be presented for 30 days.

      T he ordinance involving sex offenders and restricting where they may live is going to be on the agenda next T uesday.