City commissioners gain investor interest for new downtown


marillo City Commissioners, and privately-owned Wallace-Bajjali Development Partners, plan to break ground on multi-million dollar project for a new downtown Amarillo.

Plans for the first leg of a long-term project to increase revenue and boost business around downtown Amarillo have been met with favorable reviews among investors and venture capitalists. A $30.3 million dollar multi-purpose venue and ballpark, $69.3 million dollar hotel, and a $13.4 million dollar multi-level parking garage have increased excitement in residents in Amarillo.

The 3 structures are part of a long-term plan to turn downtown Amarillo into the bustling center it once was. Commissioners believe an increase in foot traffic will occur, causing businesses open their doors, ultimately creating a better economy for the city.

They project to break ground for the project within the next year, and have an operational area within the next two to three years.