City commissioners announce re-election campaign

Ellen Robertson Green and Brian Eades, current city commissioners, have publicly announced their re-election for a commissioner seat.

Downtown development was first on their list of priorities for the next term. "We are more successful at downtown development than we've been in 20 years. For decades, there was no growth in downtown and since 2007 property values have increased 38 percent down there. And it's phenomenal," says Ellen Robertson Green. Eades also believes his work with downtown isn't finished,"We have started the downtown project, 6 to 8 years ago, and it hasn't quite come into fruition. We're at a very critical point. I'm hesitant to leave and turn it over to someone else with that hanging in the balance. So I think we need to complete the project."

They also addressed the controversial issue of red light cameras. "Now that we've increased the police force by 20 to 30, I think really that red light cameras are a poor second choice compared to new boots on the ground," says Eades

To Green, the cameras are necessary. "Many people have problems with red light cameras, I am not one of those people. Because I always say, if you don't want a ticket from a red light camera, don't run the red light."

Both agree that increased education and vocational training are necessary for new companies looking to hire. "We need to work with with the educational entities in the community to make sure that people have the training they need and that we can supply the workforce that the companies need when they wanna move in here," says Green. According to Eades,"We need to make sure that we get some vocational training with that to help support AC, WT, and create a very well-educated, well-rounded work force, then we can attract other businesses in the future."

Amarillo residents interested in submitting their application for city commissioner must turn in the proper forms to the city secretary by March 1st.