City Commissioner helps start Childers Place book club

One Amarillo City Commissioner is taking the time to sit down with a group of elderly women, who reside at Childers Place, to discuss books as part of their very own brand new book club.

The book being discussed currently is the wildly popular New York Times Best Seller; The Help, Commissioner Ellen Robertson-Green says the women bring a unique perspective to the table.

The idea for the club came to the commissioner one night when she was having dinner with her mother and some of the residents at Childers Place.

She says they discussed important world, city-wide, and educational issues.

"Because of their life experience, they had such great answers for me that I thought how much fun it would be to have serious conversations with them about real life issues and really important things that are going on."

Right now, the ladies of the book club are reading the, The Help, a book based on the civil rights movement of 1962.

"These women's lives really were affected by the civil rights. They were 35-40-years-old in the early 1960's, they lived all over the United States and so they have really important input and really important memories about this time in their lives."

Eugenia Davis, one of the book club members, says she has been delighted by the success the book club is having because she was very skeptical at first.

"When I first heard about it, I didn't think it would work, but I think it has been a resounding success. I had heard of this book, I hadn't read it, and I have enjoyed this book, I have enjoyed reading it."

When asked why starting this book club was a big deal, Robertson-Green said, "It's important that we honor intelligence and the conversation we can have as a community. That's exactly what we're doing here, is honoring these women, honoring their intelligence, honoring their life experience and really having an important conversation."

In consideration of their next book, Davis says it will be another one from the New York Times Best-Seller list, and she'll be excited to read it whatever it may be.