City commission suspends Atmos Energy rate increase request


marillo city commission

members decided to suspend Atmos Energy's proposal for a rate increase.


he commission had the option to grant the nearly
20 percent increase, or request a suspension which gives the commission 90 days to negotiate with Atmos.

According to C

Commissioner, Jim Simms, Atmos just had a rate increase in 2012. The commission said it could not justify the latest hefty increase, and it needs to look into it some more.


e want more time to study it



e want to negotiate with
Atmos and right now we don't like the amount they're asking for, and of course if we don't come to some conclusion within the 90 days it will go to the railroad commission," Simms said.

The commission said

if it goes to the railroad commission and
also gets denied, the case could end up in court. We tried reaching out to Atmos for its take on the commission's decision, but no one from the utility returned our phone calls.