City approves money for building renovations

Amarillo City officials are calling it making lemonade out of lemons.

The Amarillo City Commission approved unanimously to allow the Economic Development Corporation to spend almost four-million dollars to expand and renovate the former Zarges building in the Centerpoint Business Park.

Coca-Cola would move into that building when the renovations are complete.

Their current building downtown would be exchanged for the new building and the city will tear it down and then build the new multi-event center.

Thatâ??s currently one of the priorities of the downtown redevelopment effort.

Gary Pitner, the President of the Local Government Corporation Board says, "Weâ??re in the midst of putting the financial pieces together for the downtown redevelopment effort in and around the civic center area currently. Those plans include a 70-millllar Four-Diamond Convention hotel, a parking structure with retail space and also the baseball stadium."