City announces plan for snow

File photo

The City of Amarillo has announced their plan for tackling the snow expected to fall across the Texas Panhandle Thursday night.

Following meetings with the National Weather Service, the city said they plan to start evaluating street conditions at midnight. City crews will be helped out by the Amarillo Police Department.

The city said as ice or snow starts to fall, crews will use sand trucks to work over-passes and bridges during the early morning hours. If more than 4 inches of snow falls, city crews will then begin plowing the six snow routes. The routes include all of the major arterials inside the city limits, such as Arden, Coulter, Bell, Western, Grand and NE 24th.

The city wants to remind residents the snow will be plowed to the center of the street, which they say allows melting snow to properly drain and minimizes ponding and re-freezing.

The city also reminds people they will not plow or remove snow from residential streets.

Motorists are encouraged to anticipate the street conditions, allow extra travel time, and drive slowly and safely.

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