Citizen views on Republican candidates

With two states in the books, it's safe to say the Republican presidential primary so far has been surprising, with Mitt Romney winning both of them, but that's not how many people thought things would play out.

We wanted to see how you gauge the race to be the GOP candidate.

Here in Texas, many people thought Governor Rick Perry would emerge victorious, but one Amarillo citizens says...

"I am so disappointed in Rick Perry, I really am, he came out like a bang, but he can't debate," said Mary Lou Ramos.

Another Amarilloan feels the race is kind of a joke.

"It's hard to take them seriously when the candidates are seemingly kind of clownish. It's almost laughable to watch them, and embarrassing for Republicans," said Keith Macgregor.

Both Ramos and Macgregor agree the candidates have been focused entirely too much on attacking each other rather than the task at hand.

"It's hard to take it seriously when they need to stay focused on their political agendas and the way they actually see the United States in the future, and not so much on each other."

When asked who they thought was going to win...

"Personally, I don't like any of them, but we need a strong person to go against our current president," said Ramos.

"I think Obama's actually going to win, but as far as republican candidates, probably Mitt Romney," said Macgregor.

Both of our guests think things will change once the races move to the southern states.

The next Republican primary is in South Carolina on the 21st.