Cisneros pleads guilty to murder of UK citizen

Picture from surveillance camera in Spotted Pony during robbery/shooting

It was less than 6 months ago when an armed robber opened fire at the Spotted Pony here in Amarillo, taking the life of one man.

Thomas George Reeve, a tourist visiting from England was the man killed, and on Monday, the shooter found out his own fate.

26-year-old Ray Carlos Cisneros will be spending the rest of his life behind bars in connection with the robbery and murder back on November 5th.

He reportedly tried to rob the Spotted Pony to come up with money to buy his girlfriend a car, and started shooting the moment he walked in. One of those shots glanced off a table, killing Reeve.

47th District Attorney Randall Sims, could have sought the death penalty, but said showing intent to murder would have been risky. And the counts of murder while committing a felony and 2 counts of aggravated robbery resulted in a life sentence, according to Sims.

"This morning he plead to 3 stacked life regards to these 3 charges, so you take 3 life sentences, 3 times 3 is 90. the defendant is 26...he'll be 116 before he could possibly ever be considered for release, so these sentences have in fact, incarcerated Mr.. Cisneros for the rest of his life."

Sims added those in the bar and Reeve's family members supported Monday's sentencing.