Christmas grinch strikes again, stealing from charity

W e know these days without a Christmas grinch couldn't last forever.

Alas, he has struck again this year, this time at the Good Samaritan Service Center in Pampa.

The Center's money to help others may be gone, so it's asking for your help in the Panhandle Spirit.

"Good Samaritan is supported by 22 churches. It's a Christian organization, we try to help the needy, people that are in town, we are run all by volunteers , " said Joy Bivins, Executive Director.

It's the biggest service center in the Pampa area. It helps to meet needs like food, bills, clothes, and basically anything you think of.

But Tuesday afternoon, someone was determined to put a damper on the giving Christmas spirit. According to Police, someone broke out a window and stole well over $500 in cash and checks from the center.

"We think someone broke the window and came in and they opened the desk and they took all of our cash, and our petty cash , " said Bivins.

"We do have suspects. We're gaining information and trying to get warrants on the suspect at this time , " said Sgt. Scott Sutton, Pampa Police Department"Right now, we have had other people donate this month, a lot of people donate to us at Christmas that that do not donate any other time of the year. You'd hate to lose the money and have to think at Christmas time someone would do that," said Bivins.

The good news is all the children's gifts and food were left alone. The bad news, since it's the season of giving, more donations had been flowing in. That's the money the Center relies on to help them through the rest of the year.

"You can do extras with that because see if it's extra, we can buy heaters with that if it's not in the budget. There's always someone needing those."

Especially during the cold winter months, when so many are in need.

If you would like to help replenish some of the money the center lost, or find out about some other ways you can donate. You can call Good Samaritan at 806-665-0073.