Christmas crowds hit Amarillo stores

Stores in Amarillo saw surges of people the weekend before Christmas.

"When we first got here there was like one or two people coming up, now there's like lines back."

"The later it gets the more crowded it's getting," said Westgate Mall Shoppers.

For that reason alone, local vendors and stores profit from Christmas procrastination.

Even individuals are finding ways to reap the benefits from last minute shoppers.

"Today we are wrapping presents and getting Christmas shopping done and we're fundraising money," said Kennedy, Canyon Volleyball Club.

Across town, on 6th street local mom and pop shops say they "thrive" during the season.

"We've multiplied our profits by quite a bit, all the vendors are quite happy. They're making all their returns back, it's been good, made the year worth it," said Chad Chittenden The Nat, Assistant Manager. "September and October, is not really that great for retail of any kind, but great up scores in the last month."

The historic route offers a variety of unique items, and store owners say their art, clothes, antiques, and affordable prices, make 6th street a go-to destination for any gift.

"I think that it's neat that you can just park and you can do the whole thing in a day," said Sixth Street Antique Mall Employee. "It might take a little while if you like to look, but some of the stores take hours and hours to look but it's really fun."

In case you don't have all of your Christmas shopping done, most stores on 6th Street will be open Christmas Eve.