Christmas card designed by student

E very year, the Region 16 center asks all of its students to draw a picture with a Christmas theme.

One of them is chosen to grace the cover of it's Christmas card.

We know who this year's winner is, and she tells us she couldn't be more excited.

The winner is Allie Byrd. She is a fourth grader at Crockett Elementary School in Borger. And she says the news really surprised her.

Pronews 7 is featuring her work in this week's Region 16 Spotlight Education report.

"Region 16 has done this for several years. Every year they ask students from across the Region to submit drawings , " said Jayson Hataway, Crockett Elementary Principal.

The drawing that won the contest, Allie says, it's something she drew that reminds her of her Christmas. A tree, presents, and a simply saying, "Happy Holidays".

"I was surprised, but also so happy. I think the special part about my Christmas card is because it has a star on the tree," said Allie Byrd, fourth grader.

"Allie is our first winner that we've had in along time. Am not sure if Crockett Elementary has ever had a winner , " said Hataway.

The card has been placed in a special plaque, a place of honor.

Her family gets boxes of those cards to pass out to friends and family.

As for Crockettt Elementary, they couldn't be more proud of their shining star.

"It's very exciting. It's kind of neat to showcase some of our students' talents."

Region 16 will be sending out Allie's card to the people on its Christmas list all across the state. Allie says she thinks that, is very exciting.