Chinese search ship detects signal

Chinese search ship detects signal

China's official news agency says a Chinese ship that is part of the multinational search effort looking for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has detected a "pulse signal" in southern Indian Ocean waters.

The report says a "black box" detector deployed by the vessel picked up a signal at 37.5 kilohertz, the same frequency emitted by flight data recorders, at around 25 degrees south latitude and 101 degrees east longitude.

The report said it was not established whether that the signal was related to the missing jet.

A former member of the National Transportation Safety Board calls the report "exciting." But John Goglia (GOH'-lee-uh) cautions that "one ping doesn't make a success story." He says more exploration is needed to determine whether the signal is coming from the missing Malaysian jetliner. Goglia says "there is an awful lot of noise in the ocean."