Childress automotive class trike up for auction

An automotive class at Childress High School is giving kids the chance to do something unique. From building custom cars, like a 1965 Cobra, to transforming a Harley Davidson.

This year, those students did something amazing, they turned a Harley Davison into a trike. The best part is, you get to bid on it.

It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education report.

The project started when Childress Independent School District bought this 2011 Harley Davidson Street Bob Motorcycle.

"We decided we needed to do some updates and alterations so we went to a company in Pleasantan, Kansas called "Frankenstein Trikes". They build the coolest rear-end to turn a Harley Davidson into a trike," said Cliff Johnson, Childress IT Teacher.

"As he got it in here we all just looked at it, and it was already a nice bike. But then we changed out the pipes on it and I saw the back wheel come off and I started freaking out wondering why it was being disassembled. Then I found out he was putting a trike rear-end on it," said Noah Smith, 11th Grader.

The students then took charge of the assembly, and the finished product was astonishing.

"Seeing it come together was an amazing experience for me just I don't think I'm ever going to have another chance to see a Harley be changed into a trike. So it was pretty nice," said Sheldon Clevenger, 11th Grader.

On August 11th, the trike will be auctioned off during the Vernon "Cruise Night, Summer's Last Blast" event. The auction will take place at Caprock Auto Auction, with bids starting at $15,000.

"The money turns around and goes right back into all the CISD programming that's what keeps us going. That's what got us this bike, it was the last vehicle that we finished and completed, went into purchasing this next kit for us," said Johnson.

The kids also built a 1934 Hot Rod in years past.

Here's another interesting fact, coming this fall to further the IT Department's classes offered, they will start a Robotics Class. Giving students a chance to build robots to solve mazes.