Child Abuse Investigation Conference refreshes workers

The Bridge Children's Advocacy Center hosted its 21st Annual Child Abuse Investigation Conference Friday and one of the goals was to help workers balance their work and personal lives.

Dr. Kevin Gilmartin was present to give a refreshing speech about the importance of emotional health and family life to the case workers, law enforcement, nurses and others who dedicate their time to helping children who are victims of abuse.

"It can be very emotionally draining because they become so involved," Bridge Children's Center Interviewing Manager Shelly Bohannon said, "and they care so much about the children that, sometimes, they lose sight of their own emotional well-being."

Many people at the conference were surprised how relevant Dr. Gilmartin's anecdotes were to their lives, and were amused at the humor he used to get his points across.

"Hopefully, this will recharge them and give them that extra way to say, 'You know, I've got to take care of myself so I can take care of my family,' said Bohannon. "So, hopefully, they will come out of here with some self-help skills to make them even better at what they do."

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