Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh, local storm chaser featured in AOL special

Storm Search Seven Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh

"Things are looking interesting today," Storm Search Seven Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh said as he and storm chaser Doug Black geared for a day of chasing in April 2012.

It was on that day as Kersh and Black traveled north on U.S. Highway 287 that they noticed something spectacular, the overflowing "foamy" waters of Lahey Creek. But "foam" was far from what they saw on the water that day.

As Kersh and Black approached the waters the discovered that the "foam" was actually massive amounts of hail piling up on the rushing waters.

According to Kersh the creek is normally empty and typically flows only in the event of a heavy rainstorm, but in this case the end result was a flash flood of hail.

The raw video later gathered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, getting national attention and has ultimately landed a spot on AOL's I Can't Believe I Saw That special called What The Hail?

"Being a meteorologist in the Texas Panhandle is exciting because you get to see all kinds of weather," Kersh said.

You can watch the raw video of the Lahey Creek hail flood here and check out the AOL special online here.