Charities struggling this holiday season

You can find one Amarillo man ringing bells outside of Walmart trying to raise money for a good cause. Michael Tunstall is attempting to break the world record of ringing a bell for 60 hours.

He is one of eight contestants competing in the national bell ringing contest across the country. Tunstall has teamed up with The Salvation Army to help spark some holiday giving.

Although holiday season is typically the time when people tend to give the most, charities are finding themselves struggling this year to meet their goals in donations. Despite the drop in donations, they are hopeful that events like this will help to create more charity interest. Mayor Paul Harpole was also there to support the cause as they attempt to raise $240,000.

The Salvation Army isn't the only charity organization in need. Charities throughout the Panhandle have been experiencing drops in donations. Toys for Tots here in Amarillo have experienced low numbers in both cash donations and toys.

Toys for Tots is having fundraisers this weekend to try to help raise awareness and get people giving. This Saturday they will be hosting a pool tournament at Fast Eddies at 1 p.m. They will also be hosting a concert at Tejano Wild West at 9 p.m., Sunday.

The High Plains Food Bank has seen a steady number of monetary donations. However, they have experienced a decrease in actual food donations and are looking for support.

There is plenty of time for end of the year giving. Charitable donations are not only a great way to give back to the community, but they are also an excellent way to reduce tax burdens.