Charges requested in cattle cruelty case

Update Tuesday 12p Pronews 7 has now learned the names of those facing charges from the animal cruelty investigation at E6 Cattle Co. near Hart.

Castro County District Attorney James R. Horton says five are charged with felonies and two are charged with misdemeanors.

Kurt Espenson, the owner and Arturo Olmos, the foreman, are both facing Class A Misdemeanor Charges of Cruelty to Livestock. A Class A Misdemeanor is punishable by up to a $4,000 fine or one year in jail.

Five former employees of E6 Cattle are being charged with Cruelty to Livestock/Animals, a state jail felony. Those being charged are Manuel Soto, Christian Garcia, Daniel Dumas, Jose Martinez and Francisco Hernandez.

It's described as one of the most gruesome criminal cases in Texas Panhandle history.

It happened earlier this year when Mercy For Animals, an animal advocacy organization, conducted a hidden-camera investigation. The video revealed shocking and malicious cruelty to calves at E-6 Cattle Co. near Hart, Texas.

Pronews 7 has now learned that the case has been presented to the District Attorney's Office. The Castro County Sheriff's Office says five felonies and two misdemeanors are being requested. Those charges pertain to Cruelty to Animal/Livestock.

We are waiting to hear from the DA to see if warrants will be issued and if so, who they will be issued for.