Charges dismissed against APD officers accused of brutality

Dash cam video of the alleged attack on Robert Johnon in March

Amarillo Police Chief Robert Taylor has exonerated two officers accused of excessive force after an internal investigation.

This comes after Amarillo Attorney, Jeff Blackburn, accused the department of brutality against his client, Robert Johnson.

Back in March, Johnson was seen on dashboard camera riding through a neighborhood in North Amarillo. He was taken into custody for evading arrest and possession of marijuana. Johnsonâ??s attorneys claim his bike did not have brakes and

Blackburn claims his client did nothing wrong, but was severely beaten by two Amarillo Police officers.

On Thursday, Chief Taylor said the officersâ?? actions were justified because of the surrounding circumstances. Taylor said Johnson rode his bike in the area of a potential crime scene involving a shooting investigation. There was no crime scene tape up, but five police cars were blocking the road, Taylor said. Taylor said the recorded dash cam video shows other cars were turning away from the scene as proof of a blocked off scene.

â??We did not know if he was a nice guy who made a mistake or a criminal who had come to assist the shooter. Those officers made contact with Johnson in an attempt to answer those questions,â?? Taylor said. â??Mr. Johnson chose to pull away from those officers, which led to this incident and the need to take him to the ground.â??

There were also accusations that the officers planted marijuana on Johnson. Officials say those complaints were deemed baseless.

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