Channing ISD student wins big at UIL competition

A Junior at Channing Independent School District has won big at the state competition for feature writing. Callie Shipley is now wearing a gold UIL medal around her neck. She won first place in the feature writing competition at this year's UIL Academic Meet for Class 1A. Pronews Seven is featuring her accomplishment in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

When meeting Callie Shipley you automatically pick up on her charismatic personality, and her love for telling someone's story. So one could see why see chose to compete in feature writing in this year's UIL Academic meet.

"At the state level they send in a person and it's a live interview and everybody is in the room 1A through 5A. So they just let the person talk and pretty much tell their life story and then you get to ask questions afterward," said Junior at Channing ISD, Callie Shipley.

Callie says that person, had a great story to tell. "The woman we interviewed started a place Furaha House in Austin. She'd been a political refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and so she started a place for African refugees to learn how to be successful in the United States. You have your computer so you just type notes like it's an interview and you're the reporter and they, I think it's like an hour interview, and then they leave and you have an hours to write a feature story about it".

It's that story Callie wrote, that won her first place. A feat, she says that's still sinking in.

"I got called up on stage and I accepted my medal and it was super exciting".

With writing skills like this you'd think Callie may someday join our own Pronews Seven family. But she says, she's still trying to figure out what she wants to do after graduation.