Changes coming to Amarillo City Commission

Amarillo's next city-wide elections will be held 45 days from now.

After the city commission meeting today, ProNews 7 conducted a straw poll to see who would be running for re-election.

Mayor Debra McCartt is not going to announce whether she is running for mayor again until January 11th.

And as of right now, Jim Sims is planning to run for re-election.

Two commissioners, Madison Scott and Ron Boyd, say they will not be returning to their chairs.

"I think it's time to share the wealth and let some other people step up, and fresh blood it take away from business. I've enjoyed it I've loved the whole process, I've loved the city I always have but I just think it's time for me to move along," said Madison Scott, Amarillo City Commissioner place one.

"I've learned so much about the city and the way the city is operated, the city employee's and how dedicated they are to their jobs and how really big a job it is to provide services to 200,000 people," said Ron Boyd, Amarillo City Commissioner place three.

We tried to contact Commissioner Brian Eades but could not, we hope to have his decision for you tomorrow.

One other development tonight, ProNews 7 also talked with former city commissioner Paul Harpole about his plans.

Harpole told us he sent a letter out to some 450 supporters in mid-December, and has raised some $23,000.

And right now, he plans to run for Ron Boyd's place three seat.

Harpole says he will make that official with an announcement on the 11th.