Chamber Conference good for local economy

The Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives meeting in Amarillo Monday are contributing to the local economy.

Amarillo Chamber President, Gary Molberg says, "Itâ??s hotel and motel rooms theyâ??re using. These people are spending money in the community. But the biggest effect is people are experiencing Amarillo for the first time and Iâ??ve got good feedback.ã?? The Dollar value goes on and on."

In fact, Molberg took his colleagues to The Big Texan, the Cadillac Ranch and The Musical Drama, Texas Sunday.

Gina Spagnola of the Galveston Chamber of Commerce says, "I painted a Cadillac and l left my mark. Galveston Island was here."

Educational sessions are also on the agenda to keep Chamber executives up to date on the latest marketing and technologies.

Sam Cartwright of the Dumas Chamber says, "Iâ??ve learned so far that the relevance of Chambers are alive and well and what we can do to improve ourselves as a local Chamber of Commerce."

The conference continues through Tuesday.