Chamber barbecue is a hit despite weather

The Amarillo Chamber Good Times Celebration Barbecue Cook-Off has come and gone again, but this years party had to battle the elements.

This was the seventeenth year for the barbecue, which is the largest fundraiser for the Chamber. Though the weather was bleak, the atmosphere certainly wasn't.

"The Weather, although it was a little chilly and the wind got up, there still was a lot of people there," said jason Harrison of the Chamber of Commerce. "I think that when it's all said and done, we're gonna still have right up there with the same numbers we've had all along."

The barbecue pulls on average between four to six thousand people yearly, quite a bit for an outdoor barbecue with fifty degree weather.

"This year it was, I want to say it ended up staying in the mid 50's," said Harrison. "people get prepared and they throw on a jacket to come out cause they don't want to miss the event."

It was thought the colder weather would dampen ticket sales at the gate, but no concrete ticket sales numbers will be known for a couple weeks.