Center aims to reduce number of men affected by homelessness

Thomas Vaughn's health took a hit just two years ago. It forced him to leave his job and he found himself looking for help, but he's here to spread a message to others who find themselves in similar positions.

"I'm always here, mainly to support because a lot of people need to understand that not only...I feel that the homeless are misunderstood in a lot of ways," he said.

Guyon Saunders Resource Center partnered with 23 local agencies for its 2013 Winter Outreach. The event focuses on providing those who are at risk of becoming homeless with services that can maybe get them back on track.

Director, Courtney Foster said the center sees
an estimated 46,000 thousand people a year, two-thirds of whom are men.


hey're individuals who


just hit on tough times or are struggling to get back on their feet

," Foster said.


he resource center provides shelter, life education classes and in Vaughn's case, housing.



hey were there for me until my disability came through and helped me get a place and so forth. There are people who have godly support within themselves." Vaughn said. "Here's a lot of people that simply want to help people."