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      Caught in the crossfire: 5-year-old killed after abduction

      CNN -- Kansas authorities have charged a man with murder and kidnapping after a police chase that ended with the death of a 5-year-old girl during a shootout.

      Cady Harris just hit a milestone in the life of a 5-year-old - she just started riding her bike without training wheels, just about to start Kindergarten.

      But Friday night, Cady died after a police chase ended in Leavenworth.

      Cady's mom, Christie, said before that she and Marcus McGowan got into a fight and she called the police. Christie said McGowan had her her "lots of times in the past", but "he's never even spanked [Cady]."

      McGowan's grandmother revealed he did have issues, mental problems that he'd been strugging with for a while. But even she didn't believe her grandson would ever hurt Cady.

      No one has been charged in this case. While the speculation goes on, people are coming together to support the little girl who was just stuck in the middle.

      McGowan is facing charges of aggravated endangering a child, aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer, felony feeling and eluding and criminal possession of a firearm.

      Police say bullets fired by police did not hit the suspect's car or kill Cady.