Cattle Battle: Nevada ranchers willing to be tased to protect their livestock

CNN -- Ranchers in Nevada are trying to stop federal agents from taking cattle off of public land.

Protesters faced off with officers from the Bureau of Land Management (IBLM) and Park Rangers April 9 over the cattle dispute.

The Bundy family is willing to fight until the end -- getting infront of cars, even getting tased.

The skirmish quickly turned into an angry mob, and protesters were hurt.

Ammon Bundy was tased twice. He still has marks on his neck and chest. One of the Bundy sisters was also injured after a ranger hit her with his car.

The Bundy's claim the BLM is killing their cattle in the process of rounding them up, but that's something the feds deny.

The community is rallying with the family, joining them on the side of the raod, telling the BLM to get out.

Protester Jim Lordy came to the group with a representative of Operation Mutual Aid. The group is planning to be out every day.