Cats, cats, and more cats! Cat show held at the Amarillo Civic Center

Are you a cat lover? Well there's no time for a cat nap, because you need to head over to the Yellow Rose Cat Club Pet Show August 24-25, 2013.

Over 25 cat breeds are at the Amarillo Civic Center, with six continuous judging rings throughout the day.

The event showcases not only purebreds, but also household felines and has plenty of shopping.

With more than 50 exhibitors ready to share about their "purrrdy" friends, People can learn and look at a wide variety of cats, including everything from spotted, dotted, big and small ears, to fluffy or hairless.

"The best part about the show is the variety and the personalities and the body types of the cats and also just the people that you meet," said Cat Show Manager, Jackie Rose "I've been doing cat shows for almost 30 years now, so it's fun to see the different people from different areas and the kitties that they show."

And perhaps you are looking to bring a kitten home? Many exhibitors are selling kittens throughout the weekend, so be sure and stop by.