Catch a ride with Valentine's Day delivery!

What began thousands of years ago as a holiday to honor the Christian martyr Valentinus has developed into a holiday that screams flowers, balloons and candy.

"What it is about today is it just reminds everybody that everyone needs to care a little bit more about each other and do something nice and get them something," :Le Fleur Florists and Gifts Owner Susan Hobbs said. "And just celebrate what they do have, the love they do have whether it's friends, family or loved ones."

Local florists spent all of Monday night, Tuesday and even days prior preparing for their busiest day of the year. According to Hobbs, the other holiday close in comparison is Mother's Day.

"Typically, we'll stay 'til we can get everything done and out," she stated. "It's hard to reject orders and not fill everybody's orders to their satisfaction."

Like many other florists, Hobbs' store sees so many orders that she has call in extra help to make deliveries.

"We got here at eight and planning to work as long as she needs us," Ashley Duke said. "So if we're here 'til 7 o'clock tonight we're here 'til 7 o'clock."

Duke said she enjoys helping out because of the different reactions she gets from people when she knocks on their door with a bouquet a fresh flowers.

"Sometimes they're shocked and sometimes it's like, 'Are you kidding me? This is for me?' So, I just like to see the smiling faces when I give them out."

Though some feel the holiday is simply commercial, others use it as an opportunity to say, "I love you," in the most unique of ways.