Cast members of TEXAS, the musical drama, gather to remember their fallen stars

Cast members of TEXAS, the musical, will gather to remember the lives of their former cast members.

Former and current cast members of the long time running musical, TEXAS, gathered tonight after the show remember the lives and stories of the cast members that died in a car accident a year ago.

Former cast members Eric Harrison, 21, Clint Diaz, 20, Amanda Starz ,20, Julian Arrendondo IV, 24, and Andrew Duncan, 20, died in a tractor trailer collision near Dumas on August 12, 2013.

The cast members were driving back from the end-of-the-year cast party held at Coldwater Ranch.

TEXAS Executive Director Kris Miller said minors were not served alcohol, but people over the age of 21 were allowed to bring their own alcohol. He said the kids had enjoyed a full day of outdoor activities, and no one seemed out of hand.

He said the day he received the news of the fatal accident, it was the worst call he had ever received.

â??I was in shock. I refused to believe it,â?? Miller said.

Miller said the current cast celebrated Feldmanâ??s Diner in Canyon, where they enjoyed food and a live band.

He said former and present cast members will gather after the show on Tuesday, the 1 year anniversary of the accident, to remember the lives of what they call their â??Texas Angelsâ??.

â??The cast from last year and this year are getting together for coffee, dessert, and fellowship. Weâ??re going to talk about our angels, their lives, their stories, and the memories of 5 very special people,â?? Miller said.

Miller said the showâ??s cast is like a family. He said the following days after the accident, the cast members were all each otherâ??s rock.

â??Everybody helped each other when that happened. It was a rough several days after that,â?? Miller said.

Miller said the accident has helped cast members become better for themselves, and for their fallen stars.

â??It's amazing what kind of positive energy has come out of this tragedy. It's inspiring to see these young professionals wanting to do their best," Miller said.

Brandon Upton, a close friend of Eric Harrison, said he still thinks about Harrison often. He said Harrison would â??one day be the Tim Tebow of Broadway,â??.

Upton said he got a tattoo on his arm as a tribute to Harrison, and carries the ribbon from Harrisonâ??s funeral in his car to be reminded of his friend.

â??Just kind of a reminder and guardian angel type thing so he's always with me," Upton said.

Miller said friends, family, and cast members have posted to their own and private Facebook groups in remembrance.

A member from the 2014 TEXAS cast writes â??The TEXAS family is, without any doubt, the most amazing group of people Iâ??ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. I am so blessed to call myself a part of it. The amount of love and support is only paralleled by the amount of talent. Tonight will be hard for many people . I did not know the 5 angels myself, but I know they were some of the most special people in the world. I love my TEXAS family. I am, and always will be, right here for any of you.â??

Miller said this last week of shows for the season will be the most memorable not just for the audience, but for the cast member themselves.

"They want to do it for their 5 angels, and they want to do it for the people that come see them," Miller said.

The show will run until the season is over on Saturday, August 16, 2014.


for the show run at $12-$26 for kids and $16-$30 for adults.