Cash Mobs invade Amarillo

A cash mob? What is that?

Well, you've probably heard of a flash mob - when a group performs a spontaneous song or dance. Just like that, a cash mob happens when people spontaneously spend money all at once at a local business.

Cash mobs are a trend overtaking much of the nation and now it's invading Amarillo!

"A cash mob will be an excellent way to help build our locak economy and have some fun at the sametime," President and CEO of FirstBank Southwest Smith Ellis said. "It's like a cash injection for small, local businesses."

Amarillo's First Cash Mob
Water Still - 4502 Bell Street

10 a.m. - Noon

In appreciation of the support, Water Still will be offering buy one get one free tea by the cup during the mob hours.

"It's new for the bank to do it and I think we're the first ones to do, try it. So I think it'll be exciting to see how many people will show up," said Dave Kjersted Water Still Owner. "I think it's just one of those exciting fun things, just to create a little excitement for Saturday."

Employees of FirstBank Southwest are leading the efforts for the newly created Cash Mob Amarillo.

For more information on Cash Mob Amarillo and to see where the next 'mob' will be, check its Facebook page!