Carver Elementary Academy students are finalist in international challenge

300 students across the globe participated in the "Invent-it Challenge" and 16 have been chosen as finalists. That includes a group from Carver Elementary Academy.

The three girls, started the challenge back in October. They're part of a group called "Geek Squad", loving all things technology. Pronews 7 is featuring their accomplishment in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education report.

"Don't be a grumpy old hag, get the Better Binder Bag," sings Anna Sanders, 5th Grade Inventor.

That's the jingle for their new and improved invention that their teacher says, she feels got the girls into the final 16. The group of fifth graders are participating in the "Invent-it Challenge" dong through Eplas, an online global community that's sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute.

"The students were given different steps where they would explore different inventors. They would see what other inventors have done that made their invention successful," said Tara Kauffman, Digital Learning Leader.

Kauffman says the students learned how to work as a team and on their problem solving skills.

"They went through and sketched an idea they solved and worked on steps to create their actual invention they built prototypes of the invention, found ways they could improve on that invention, and then they try to sell their invention by doing a commercial".

"Our invention was called the "Better Binder Bag" and it was basically an invention to improve on the product of the trapper keeper binder because everyone in school is always annoyed with their binders because they always get in the way," said Sanders.

So, how did they improve it?

"We made it lighter, but we also kept the same qualities of the original keeper had and we also added straps to where you could wear it kind of like a purse," said Sanders.

When the girls found out they were chosen as finalists, well, they say they are still trying to process it all.

"I can't put into words. We were really excited about it when we found out," said Kloi Bergerson, 5th Grade Inventor.

Here's the great part, you can help the group win! Just click here, for a link to place your vote. You can vote as many times as you like. The winners will be announced February 4th. They'll get several small prizes, a chance to attend an invention camp, video chat with a world famous inventor and a possible patent on their invention.