Carolyn Stallwitzâ??s Dumas legacy

Dumas native Carolyn Stallwitz is part of the second generation of notable Dumas artists, with Don Ray.

She credits her mentor, Mil Boyd, with teaching her technique and inspiring her to open The Art Center, next to the Window On The High Plains museum.

Stallwitz was instrumental in creating both those institutions.

Stallwitzâ??s protégé, M.S. Franco, is also represented in the museum.

She paints nature in watercolors and has done so for seventy years.

Her work is featured in many homes in Dumas and at the Moore County Courthouse.

Moore County Judge Rowdy Rhoades says "sheâ??s mothered the whole county."

She says sheâ??s a realist painter for a very specific reason, "Godâ??s hard to improve upon."