Care packages sent to overseas troops

A member of America Supports You Texas has been sending care packages to men and women who are on tour outside the United States.

Luan Martin has been sending care packages since the days of the Vietnam war.

"I can't get a gun; I can't go out and fight," she said. "But I can pack care boxes and I can send them to the troops. And that is my passion and that is why I was put on this earth. I really believe that."

Books, magazines, games and snacks are among the items shipped. Martin likes to send things the troops need, as well as stuff to keep them entertained.

"I had a woman that had been over there for her third tour and she wrote me a thank you note saying that was the first mail she had ever gotten. I cried a while and then I packed her up another box."

Pantex has given Martin support for years, helping to fork out the cost of postage. A few days ago at the post office, a stranger did the same.

"So, we were standing in line and a woman had been in line," Martin said. "She left, went back out to her car, she came back in and gave us $50 to help pay for the postage. And I asked her what her name was and she said, ' It doesn't matter.'"

The National Honor Society of Fritch High School held a competition to see which class could bring in the most items for care packages. The Senior class alone came up with 2,000 items.

Martin is always in need of donations. She can be contacted via email at or through Facebook. Check donations should be made out to America Supports You Texas and the memo should read Care Packages.

Nearly 200 packages were mailed out this week.